Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Reviews of The Broken Stone

And the secret of the Heavens' Henge

"curious", "thought-provoking", "engaging"
Northern Earth, March 01, 2012. Vol 129 pages 29-30

"The Broken Stone is set in Neolithic times, and Morris paints a vivid, well-researched impression of family life in ancient villages....
"The Broken Stone taps youngsters' awareness of solar power, but its science might blind all but the most devoted of sorcerers' apprentices."
William Wadsworth. South China Morning Post, October 2, 2011 (Hong Kong)

"To say this adventure novel was a surprise is an understatement. I believe Handow (Hanwell and Dowling) Publishing may have found a 'giant' of a book. For it has a non fiction surprise ending with 'sustainability' and 'renewable energy' having the lead roles.
"The novel tells the story of Clend and Marce, a brother and sister, as they travel with their teacher, Sanoc, to witness a mysterious ceremony set in southwestern Britain in 2,750 BC. It seems they both have a special calling awaiting them and are instrumental in helping to solve a murder.
"The novel is followed by an Epilogue which demonstrates the author's research and expertise in using untapped energy from the sun for all our good. You have to read it for yourself to understand the link between Clend and Marce's story and the Epilogue. I would recommend anyone to read this amazing book."
Derek B Moir BSc DipProjMan MBA ARICS, 
Sustainability Director, Shanghai, China, August 2011

"I think that the nucleus of your story - .... - is very exciting. Not just for historical reasons, but also for future applications in an energy-constrained world. Furthermore, the illustrations you made are amazing. I feel like building one of these things right away in my backyard."
Editor of a renewables and alternative technologies magazine, 
Spain, June 2011

"Morris does an excellent job of describing how, with relatively simple tools, the Arlth peoples made solar phenomena a part of their lives and rituals.".... "If only knowledge and use of solar energy were so central to our culture today!"
Solar energy expert: (development agency for low cost renewables), 
Canada, June 2011

"A great story, with insight into the past and an ancient world ahead of its time. The science behind the book is of good sound method, and fits the intellectual profile of the builders of Stonehenge, explained in an insightful yet simplistic way....."

T.Jones - Earth Energies Dowsing researcher, UK, September 2011

"The Broken Stone and the Secret of the Heavens’ Henge is a novel of adventure and discovery set in late Neolithic Britain. Having inherited a small Stone of special significance a young brother and sister embark upon a fateful journey which takes them through lands populated with a wide array of people, customs and technology — ultimately leading them to discover the secrets and purpose of the Father of Iconic Monuments: Stonehenge.
"A well-constructed, entertaining read, its comprehensive appendix details the story’s innovative new theory."
N.D. Wiseman - Author and Editor, Cape Cod, USA, October 2011

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